announce: August 20 2017 DC206 BBQ/Movie Night

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August 20 2017 DC206 BBQ/Movie Night

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What: August DC206 Meeting: BBQ and Movie Night

When: 2017-08-20 (3rd Sundays), 3pm-EOD

Where: Black Lodge Research
17725 NE 65th St, A-155; Evans Business Park, Bldg A; Redmond, WA 98052

Note, BBQ/Movie Nights startd at 3PM, NOT 1PM, like the other DC206 Meetings. Movie starts when dark enough, until end-of-movie.

The lodge is a bit of a mess. Perhaps some of you could join me at the lodge around 2pm for a brief cleaning party? Similarly, hopefully some of you can stay after movie and help clean up lodge from BBQ mess.

Who is bringing what:

I’m bringing a veggie tray and a fruit tray.

I’ll be providing hard-cider, water, and some other non-alcoholic beverages, and 4 ice-filled chests, like last year, space for others food/beverages in 2 chests. Unlike last year, [‘bitch’-]beer drinkers will have to BYO[B]B.

I’m bringing burgers (and a pack of veggie burgers). I’ll also bring onions, lettuce, cheese, and bacon for said burgers. Yes you can put bacon on your veggie burger (we won’t tell)

When I get to the Lodge in the morning I’ll check to see if we’re still good on things like ketchup, mustard, and pickles. I’ll also check the chip situation. Last time we had soooo many tortilla chips left over

EVERYONE ELSE: Please consider bringing some good beer, and/or some side-dish, some other BBQ-able meats, some vegan options, some deserts.
Bring a camp chair to watch the movie, bring a hat and some sunblock.



announce: July DC206 Mtg: AMD and Intel architectural differences

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Who: Alex Floyd

What: July DC206 Meeting: AMD and Intel architectural differences

When: July 16th (3rd Sundays), 1-4pm

Where: Black Lodge Research; 17725 NE 65th St, A-155; Evans Business Park, Building A; Redmond, WA 98052 USA

Computer chipsets have vastly evolved over the last decade. In this talk we take a look at the design differences of AMD and Intel architectures from Intel’s 1st gen core series to Kaby Lake, and AMD’s Bulldozer (Family 15h) through the evolution to AMD’s APU series up to Zen. This look will show us the chipset logical layout changes for AMD and Intel over the generations, and why each iteration is better or worse for practical real world applications because of the logical chipset designs.

Researched and written by some guy that likes learning things that not every one knows.


announce: BLR.asm July: Intro to Radare2/Iaito

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WHAT: BLR assembler class: Intro to Radare2/Iaito
WHEN: Sunday, July 9th (2rd Sundays), 1:00pm
WHO: ‘Blibbet’
WHERE: Black Lodge Research; 17725 NE 65th St, Unit A-155; Evans Business Park, Building A; Redmond, WA 98052; https://blacklodgeresearch.org/

No new Intel assembly this month, instead we’ll focus on a tool. This class will focus on getting started with Radare2 and the new Iaito GUI. We’ll look at how to use Radare to examine x86 assembly-based ELF32 images. This won’t be a full Radare2 feature tutorial — I’m just learning it myself — rather a basic use of radare2/iaito to examine assembly language. Unlike some tools, Radare is very powerful with a steep initial ramp-up (like Vim or Blender), you’ll need to spend a few days to get used to using this tool. We’ll cover a small set of it’s core features, focusing on unassembly and viewing the stack. 2/3 of the time on Radare, 1/3 on Iaito GUI.

To prepare, get Radare2 and Iaito installed on your system. Radare has lots of binary packages, Iaito is Qt 5.x C++ and has nearly no packaging so you’ll have to build it from source, unless you’re using BlackArch-Live Linux distro. I’ll assume you have the software installed before class. Get your previous homework on that system, so you can examine those binaries with Radare.




Return of the DC206 Mailing List

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For the last¬† year or so, the DC206 Mailing list has been hard to subscribe to, the list’s host went down and the list was migrated to a temporary server. Recently, Noid has ‘rebooted’ the list, so normal methods to subscribe to the list should now work.

Subscribe by emailing list-request@lists.dc206.org with the subject “subscribe”, or use the web form at:


Besides the Black Lodge Research classroom whiteboard, the DC206 Mailing List is the main place where announcements for the DC206 Monthly Meeting, Black Lodge Research’s Open Hack Night, Black Lodge Research’s assembly language class) occur. The archives of the list are not open to the public, either.


announce: January DC206 Meeting

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Who: Dan Tebbs of Quadrifly
What: Building the Quadrifly indoor drone game
When: January 15th (3rd Sundays), 1pm
Where: Black Lodge Research; 17725 NE 65th St, A-155; Evans Business Park, Building A; Redmond, WA 98052 USA

Dan Tebbs of Quadrifly will present on the new indoor drone game that was assembled at BLR. Dan will give a 45min presentation describing what he’s done. Interesting challenges which he will talk about include: Creating the scoring gates, Selecting a drone, and Hacking the control channel. There will be a small version of the game to be played in the lodge, so attendees should be able to play a minimal version of the game for a few minutes.



December DC206 Meeting: Zach on Social Engineering

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What: December DC206 Meeting
When: 3rd Sundays (Dec 18th), 1-3pm
Where: Black Lodge Research; 17725 NE 65th St, A-155; Evans Business Park, Building A; Redmond, WA 98052 USA

Introduction to Social Engineering

by Zach

In this introductory presentation on social engineering, the speaker will dissect a few of his more fun engagements and walk through the prep work and psychological techniques that made the attacks work

Zach has over 10 years of experience with social engineering in a variety of roles, from defusing hostile people and drunk wrangling, to conning creds and gaining access as “your IT guy”. His enjoyment of studying human behavior and learning what makes people tick in combination with his ability to talk to anyone is what makes him successful in his practices.



Nov DC206 Meeting: Adam Shostack on Thread Modeling

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When: 3rd Sundays (November 20th), 1-3pm
What: November DC206 Meeting, http://dc206.org/
Where: Black Lodge Research; 17725 NE 65th St, A-155; Evans Business Park, Building A; Redmond, WA 98052, http://blacklodgeresearch.org/

“Threat Modeling Lessons From Star Wars”
by Adam Shostack

Everyone knows you ought to threat model, but in practical reality it turns out to be tricky. If past efforts to threat model haven’t panned out, perhaps part of the problem is confusion over what works, and how the various approaches conflict or align. This talk captures lessons from years of work helping people throughout the software industry threat model more effectively.¬† It’s designed to help security pros, developers and systems managers, all of whom will leave with both threat modeling lessons from Star Wars and a proven foundation, enabling them to threat model effectively.

Adam is an entrepreneur, technologist, author and game designer. He’s a member of the BlackHat Review Board, and helped found the CVE and many other things. He’s currently building his 5th startup, focused on improving security effectiveness, and mentors startups as a Mach37 Star Mentor. While at Microsoft, he drove the Autorun fix into Windows Update, was the lead designer of the SDL Threat Modeling Tool v3 and created the “Elevation of Privilege” game. Adam is the author of “Threat Modeling: Designing for Security,” and the co-author of “The New School of Information Security.”


September DC206 Meeting: Zack and Dune on lockpicking!

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What: September DC206 Meeting
Who: Zack and Dune: Lockpicking 101
Where: Black Lodge Research (17725 NE 65th St A-155; Evans Business Park; Building A; Redmond, WA 98052)
When: Sep 18 (3rd Sun of month), 1pm-3pm

After months of not happening, DC206 Meeting will be rebooting this month! Unlike last month’s post-DEF CON BBQ and Movie Night, the DC206 Meeting starts at 1pm.

Zach and Dune from the Seattle Lockpicking and Locksport group will be giving an introductory lessons on lockpicking. This will be a Lockpicking 101 style talk with the basics of picking pin tumbler locks along with time to practice as well as answering any questions you might have.

They will bring a few lockpicking sets to use, or to purchase (about $30). BLR will also be providing a few others. If you have existing tools, please bring those. If you have skills and/or tools you wish to contribute to lab, please bring them.


Seattle Lockpicking and Locksport

Seattle, WA
302 Pickers

Interested in picking locks for fun? We do that here and you could too.Please join us if you would like to learn or improve your lockpicking skills.

Next Meetup

Pick Locks, and well…. Pick locks

Tuesday, Sep 6, 2016, 7:00 PM
14 Attending

Check out this Meetup Group →


DEFCON Decompression BBQ & Movie Night – Aug 21, 2016 @ 3pm

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What: DEFCON Decompression BBQ & Movie Night
When: Sunday August 21st, 3pm – 11pm
Where: http://BlackLodgeResearch.org
Why: Because we care

Quoting Mr. Null’s DC206 list posting:

Its that time again. BLR will be hosting our annual post DEFCON BBQ and Movie Night. Come down, yak on about the conference we just attended, and spend some time getting to know the crazy bastards you met in Vegas.”

For those on the facebooks:


DC206 Mailing List is Temporarily Down

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For those that have been wondering what happened to the DC206 mailing list for the last week, here’s an update.

  • On Monday 5/30 the box that hosts the mailing list went down unexpectedly. We initially believed that there was too much draw on the UPS and that was causing boxes to brown out.
  • By Thursday 6/2 we concluded that the power supply in the server had failed. You could smell that the magic smoke had been let out of the PSU. We replaced the PSU in the server and it *seemed* to fix the problem till the unexpected shutdowns happened again. From what we can tell the PSU died and like some sort of copper and aluminum asshole, damaged he motherboard on the way out.

So, when will things be back up and operational? Unfortunately we are looking at another week to get the box fixed. The timing on this couldn’t be worse. Between a rush project at work and Toorcamp, I have had minimal cycles to work on this. Once I return from Toorcamp I will get a new mobo in the box and get us back up and running.

I apologize for any inconvenience this is causing.

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