Feburary DC206 Meeting

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Date: 02/21/10 – 1 PM to 4 PM

Where: The Black Lodge – 301 8th Street S, Kirkland, WA (Turn in where you see the yellow marque, a sandwich board will also be on the opposite side of the street).

Topic: Geek will be presenting on PowerShell. See below for some more details.

One thing I’d like to ask folks is:
A) How many have C#/.NET (i.e. Managed Code) programming experience? As the presentation topic lends itself heavily to that realm, it would help me being the presenter to know the gauge of my audience.

B) Are there any use-cases, work-flows or tasks or areas of interest that they would like me as the presenter to cover?

My outline is as follows:

PowerShell Presentation Covering:
A) Installation: Win7, Vista/XP or for the brave; Mono.
B) Configuration: modifying your profile file, to tweak your shell, including changing your prompt, your shell colors, or even having it be aware of a multi-monitor setup.
C) Usage: basics of control flow, operators, functions, aliases, and a demo where I walk folks through making a quick little program to do some arbitrary tasks. I’ll show the group can PowerShell do for you on a stock install.
D) Market Penetration: Why it should matter to you. Who’s using PowerShell? Internally at MS and Externally speaking who’s using it? And third party companies adopting it via Snapins or APIs.
E) Advanced Wizardry: Reflection and why it kicks ass, Types and how you can roll your own with an XML schema, Background and Remote Jobs, Plugins/Snapins and how you can make your own extension, .NET Deep Magic (here there be dragons).
F) Brief Q&A, if anyone has any questions or if anyone has any specific niche issues they need assistance.

DISCLAIMER: If you are under the age of 18, please have a legal guardian present. If you are under 21, please do not consume any alcohol on the property of the Black Lodge. We are doing this because of insurance liabilities. If you have any questions, please ask us.

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