announce: BLR.asm July: Intro to Radare2/Iaito

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WHAT: BLR assembler class: Intro to Radare2/Iaito
WHEN: Sunday, July 9th (2rd Sundays), 1:00pm
WHO: ‘Blibbet’
WHERE: Black Lodge Research; 17725 NE 65th St, Unit A-155; Evans Business Park, Building A; Redmond, WA 98052; https://blacklodgeresearch.org/

No new Intel assembly this month, instead we’ll focus on a tool. This class will focus on getting started with Radare2 and the new Iaito GUI. We’ll look at how to use Radare to examine x86 assembly-based ELF32 images. This won’t be a full Radare2 feature tutorial — I’m just learning it myself — rather a basic use of radare2/iaito to examine assembly language. Unlike some tools, Radare is very powerful with a steep initial ramp-up (like Vim or Blender), you’ll need to spend a few days to get used to using this tool. We’ll cover a small set of it’s core features, focusing on unassembly and viewing the stack. 2/3 of the time on Radare, 1/3 on Iaito GUI.

To prepare, get Radare2 and Iaito installed on your system. Radare has lots of binary packages, Iaito is Qt 5.x C++ and has nearly no packaging so you’ll have to build it from source, unless you’re using BlackArch-Live Linux distro. I’ll assume you have the software installed before class. Get your previous homework on that system, so you can examine those binaries with Radare.




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