March Seattle Locksport & DC206 Meeting

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What: March Seattle Locksport and DC206 Meeting
When: Mar 17, 2019 (3rd Sundays), 11:00am-~4:00pm
Where: Black Lodge Research
Who: (Mug, Hattz, DarkDiesel, Dune, Panic, and the DC206 community)
Chef of the Month: Luck ‘o the Irish Potluck!
11:00am-1:00pm: Seattle Locksport
1:00pm-?: DC206 Meeting Presentation (usually 1-2hrs)
Post-presentation: Irish Food Potluck!
Black Lodge Research hackerspace hosts a monthly event with two adjacent user groups: Seattle Locksport and the DC206 Meeting. Seattle Locksport’s monthly Eastside event takes place immediately before the monthly DC206 Meeting.

DC206 Meeting is the monthly meetup of the Seattle-area DEF CON community. Locksport takes place 11:00-1:00.
The DC206 Meeting takes place immediately after Seattle Locksport, starting at 1:00pm. BBQ begins after the DC206 Meeting presentation ends.
This month we will be doing a potluck for St. Patrick’s Day.
DC206 Meeting Presentation:
CTF: Reaching people with fun and games by Mug
Mug’s security team is always looking for better ways to reach employees in his Fortune 500 Company.  The business environment is formal and professional.  Newsletters, blogs, mandatory training courses and an optional video series with certification simply aren’t enough – as evidenced by the incident response team that’s as busy as ever.  For Cybersecurity Awareness Month in 2018 we hosted a Capture the Flag aimed at technical employees of all skill levels.  Mug wants to share his success and lessons learned with this little (huge), well planned (total cluster), highly funded (no systems, budget, time, or support) funtimes and subversive training activity.
Mug’s been a blue teamer for the last 21 years, owing much of his success to a “let’s be practical” approach to problem solving and having an uncanny ability to spot and address communication breakdowns.  Specific areas of focus have included DFIR, network protective control and feeling the pain of building an internal PKI that’s grown well beyond its original scope.  Currently in the role of security architect at a Fortune 500 company, Mug and his team lead the global success or failure of the company’s electronic information risk management practices.
Mike (Mug)

Seattle Locksport:

Black Lodge Research:
17725 NE 65th St, A-155; Evans Business Park, Bldg A; Redmond, WA 98052
Building A, mid-building, between the coffee roaster and the security company.
Park facing the street, not in front of other businesses, or you may get towed.
Please consider donating!