January DC206 Meeting: Bringing an idea into the physical world with a CNC mill

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UPDATE: Videos are online, thanks to Colby:


[In case you’ve not been to BLR shop recently, there’s a fancy new CNC machine there.. Phil is going to talk about his new machine at this month’s DC206 Meeting. And Dune will be doing locksport. And there’ll be a post-event BBQ run by Hattz.]

When: Jan 21st (3rd Sundays), 11:00am-~4:00pm
What: January DC206 Meeting
Where: Black Lodge Research
Who: (Phil, Dune, Colby, and Hattz)



Dune will be running a Locksport event, starting at 11:00 until 1:00.



Bringing an idea into the physical world with a CNC mill

by Phil

Design is complicated, and manufacturing is complicated. Integrating the two to play well with one another adds to this complexity. With this demo, I would like to give the audience a crash course in product and industrial design. It is my hope that you will learn to:

– discover a need for a physical product
– develop a scope of design criteria
– use the design criteria to develop a 3 dimensional model
– utilize Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) software to direct a manufacturing process (in this case, CNC ‘Computer Numerical Control” 3 axis milling)

Once we’re done with these, we’ll be utilizing our on-prem CNC mill to cut our part out of aluminum in a live demo!



This month the chef will be Hattz.

Veg[eteri]ans, please bring something you can eat, we’re planning on hamburgers.


Black Lodge Research:

17725 NE 65th St, A-155; Evans Business Park, Bldg A; Redmond, WA 98052
Park facing the street, not in front of other businesses, or you’ll get towed.

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