announce: July DC206 Mtg: AMD and Intel architectural differences

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Who: Alex Floyd

What: July DC206 Meeting: AMD and Intel architectural differences

When: July 16th (3rd Sundays), 1-4pm

Where: Black Lodge Research; 17725 NE 65th St, A-155; Evans Business Park, Building A; Redmond, WA 98052 USA

Computer chipsets have vastly evolved over the last decade. In this talk we take a look at the design differences of AMD and Intel architectures from Intel’s 1st gen core series to Kaby Lake, and AMD’s Bulldozer (Family 15h) through the evolution to AMD’s APU series up to Zen. This look will show us the chipset logical layout changes for AMD and Intel over the generations, and why each iteration is better or worse for practical real world applications because of the logical chipset designs.

Researched and written by some guy that likes learning things that not every one knows.