DC206 Mailing List is Temporarily Down

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For those that have been wondering what happened to the DC206 mailing list for the last week, here’s an update.

  • On Monday 5/30 the box that hosts the mailing list went down unexpectedly. We initially believed that there was too much draw on the UPS and that was causing boxes to brown out.
  • By Thursday 6/2 we concluded that the power supply in the server had failed. You could smell that the magic smoke had been let out of the PSU. We replaced the PSU in the server and it *seemed* to fix the problem till the unexpected shutdowns happened again. From what we can tell the PSU died and like some sort of copper and aluminum asshole, damaged he motherboard on the way out.

So, when will things be back up and operational? Unfortunately we are looking at another week to get the box fixed. The timing on this couldn’t be worse. Between a rush project at work and Toorcamp, I have had minimal cycles to work on this. Once I return from Toorcamp I will get a new mobo in the box and get us back up and running.

I apologize for any inconvenience this is causing.