June Meet / Campout Info

Posted in Meetings at 09:31 by noid

Just a reminder that DC206 is this Sunday the 19th. This months meeting is a big f’ing BBQ for Toorcon Seattle. Everyone from DC206 is invited to attend. BBQ kicks off around noon and runs till 6 or so. We currently have 2 kegs of Mac ‘n Jacks beer and a sponsor picking up the tab for our meat. We will also be having vegetarian options, side dishes, and desserts*. In addition to all of that we have a full Capture the Flag hacking network set up as well as retro gaming stations. In short, you’d have to be high on drugs to miss this Sunday’s meeting.

Also, we want to remind everyone that the DC206 campout is this upcoming Thurs (6/23) through Sunday (6/26) down at Lewis and Clark State Park just south of Chehalis. Unlike last year’s rain soaked endurance contest, this years camping trip is currently looking like the typical weather we get when we camp: cloudy, 70s, nice hiking weather. If you want to come, technically you just need to show up, however we’d also like to know you’re coming in advance so get on the mailing list and let us know you are. As with previous campouts you can expect awesome food, good people, and lots of outdoorsy activities.

Disclaimer: Standard disclaimer applies. Folks under 18 years of age are welcome at our events but must have a parent or legal guardian with them at all times. You must be 21 to drink alcohol, our events are no exception. If you look young, be prepared to show ID. If you appear inebriated at any point, don’t be surprised if we cut you off. Also, drugs are not welcome at our events so please don’t bring them. Our shop has power tools and all sorts of things that could hurt you if your head’s all messed up.

*desserts may or may not be vegetarian friendly. If you’ve ever had my wife’s cupcakes you know why..bacon in everything.