DC206 Camp Out

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DC206 will be having its 4th annual camp out June 19-22. Here’s the nifty part, anyone can come, even if you aren’t from 206/425/253/360 land. The campground is a private location within the Lewis and Clark state park just south of the bustling metropolis that is Chehalis, WA.

The campground we are at has a large structure in the middle that is used for food prep, there are two pit toilets, a fire pit, and plenty of places to camp. There is hiking and other wilderness activities available.

Meee will be conducting the second Iron Chef challenge this year. The secret ingredient will be provided at the camp site.

Camping isn’t free, but is close to it. I think that it comes out to around 3 bucks a person per night.

Lewis and Clark State Park

If you can’t come for the whole thing, thats fine too. You only pay for the nights you are there.